ACTIVE Erection System

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Battery Operated – Vacuum erection device for erectile dysfunction, Imported from Germany

Made In Germany. 2-year guarantee.

NEW TECHNOLOGY! Unique feature with built in LED lighting to allow for use in dark conditions. Electronically controlled for more power.

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ACTIVE Erection System comes with 2-year guarantee.

Vacuum erection device for erectile dysfunction with built in LED lighting

NEW TECHNOLOGY! Electronically controlled for more power. Splash-proof, easier to clean. Illuminated cylinder.

The ACTIVE Erection System NT ® is a device for achieving an erection. The pump creates a vacuum in the cylinder around the penis. This draws blood into the shaft of the penis and causes it to swell and become erect. One of the constriction rings is then slid down over the shaft of the penis. This prevents blood from flowing back out of the penis when the cylinder is removed and also maintains the erection. The thus obtained erection allows for normal and satisfying sexual intercourse.

The ACTIVE Erection System NT ® can be easily cleaned with warm water. All parts, including the constriction rings in four different sizes, can be reordered years later. The pump head (motor) comes with a 2-year guarantee. All parts are kept for re-use in the bag supplied. Erection problems may be caused by diabetes mellitus, vascular diseases, prostatitis, prostate surgery, spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking.


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