For Health Professionals

Tested sexual devices selected by qualified sexual health professionals.

Why the Australian Health Supplies Site Was Created.

We work with Case Managers individual , I-Care , NDIS and quotes can be requested for claims.

Sexual health professionals such as urologists, gynaecologists and general practitioners and practitioners prescribe treatment plans and the use at times for certain devices and products aimed at promoting sexual health and adjustment.

Please note: other devices are also available that might not be listed on our site.

What we found is that working with relevant health teams we are able to put on our site , what is important to their clients.

Our website has been designed by qualified sexual health professionals that offer total professionally enforced discretion and confidentially.

We have selected each of the following products because:

  • Our external Allied Health colleagues consider them to be appropriate for the purposes of allowing for sexual recovery and enhancement following treatments for cancer.
  • The items are capable at providing the user with pleasure, as well as erotic, sensual, fun and fulfilment.
  • Items are constructed using quality medical grade materials and are “Phthalate free”. (Phthalates that have been linked to the development of diabetes and infertility as well as posing health risks to some women).
  • Lubricants Sexual health practitioners recommend these products as a mean of supporting the natural lubrication of the vaginal skin/mucous membrane. *** Please check with your sexual health practitioners to see what Lubricant would suit your personal needs.

Authorised distributor for Pjur Med and Pjur

This website is not a substitute for professional sexual instruction or therapy *** Please seek medical opinion from your individual Health Practitioner

For individuals and couples experiencing sexual dissatisfaction or difficulties, please note that this website is not a substitute for therapy. Each device offered is meant be used as an aid towards increasing levels of sexual vitality and enjoyment.

These are the same devices that professionally trained sex therapists will recommend for use in order to increase and or enhance sexual skills and to overcome sex related challenges. Should you feel as though help from sexual health professional could be of value to you, please feel free to contact our office for an external / independent medical allied health colleagues located Australia wide.