Active 3 Pump with Motor & USB charge ** (No Batteries Required) Erection System


Active 3 Erection System with Motor

Prostate Cancer Patients

Please check with your health insurer to see if you are covered under the “Extras Cover Package” NIB , Bupa Medibank and other insurers package for the Ed pump devices. Please note some insurance companies use different codes for this item. Please email us for assistance if you require.

2 yr Motor warranty, Illuminated cylinder. Exclusive & unique technology for easy recharge.

no batteries required charging

Cable and a USD plug-in power supply ** more quieter than some battery operated pumps.

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ACTIVE 3 Erection System with motor comes with 2-year guarantee.

Vacuum erection device for erectile dysfunction with built in LED lighting

NEW TECHNOLOGY! Electronically controlled for more power, easy USB connection for charging, less noisy than some battery operated pumps. Splash-proof, easier to clean. Illuminated cylinder.

TGA Approved Medical Pump – The ACTIVE Erection System NT ® is a device for assisting with an erection. The pump creates a vacuum in the cylinder around the penis. This draws blood into the shaft of the penis and causes it to swell and become erect. One of the constriction rings is then slid down over the shaft of the penis. This prevents blood from flowing back out of the penis when the cylinder is removed and also maintains the erection. The thus obtained erection allows for normal and satisfying sexual intercourse.

The ACTIVE Erection System NT ® can be easily cleaned with warm water. All parts, including the constriction rings in four different sizes, can be reordered years later. The pump head (motor) comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Product Information In The Pack

Delivery contents The Active 3® Erection System comprises the following parts: 

1 pump head 

1 transparent cylinder 

1 charging cable and a USD plug-in power supply 

1 large grey ring loader 

1 small grey ring loader 

1 grey cone 4 constriction rings in differing sizes 

1 tube of lubricant 

1 set of instructions 

1 bag



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