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Penile Vibrator “Viberect x2 Model” Reflexonic

  • ED of multiple causes *** Before purchasing, please seek independent advice from your personal health professional, doctor, urologist to check if this device would suit your personal needs and would assist with your personal ED related health history.




Penile erection is a nerve reflex. Millions of nerve receptors line the surface of your penis. Their stimulation trigger centers in the spinal cord and brain to start a process that lead to penile erection , firmness and ejaculation. With specific frequency and amplitude, the Viberect® safely stimulates these sensors.

Through the vibrations, Viberect helps initiate the flow of blood into your penis and stimulates the muscles that keep it there longer, making it more rigid.

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X3 model

Viberect X2 Standard, Viberect X3 Spinal


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